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Standard Dentures in Whitehorse

Yukon Denture Clinic offers standard dentures for patients in Whitehorse. Standard dentures are usually considered the most basic and economical compared to others. With proper care and maintenance, the dentures will last for years. We offer a variety of options for our patients. Step into Yukon Denture Clinic and consult with denturist Chris Kafka to learn more about the denture options that are available to you.

Standard Dentures to Suit Limited Budgets

If you’re operating under a limited income or budget but you require dentures, consider the quality standard dentures offered at Yukon Denture Clinic. The major difference between standard and precision dentures lies in how they are constructed. While standard dentures may use less sophisticated equipment than their more precise counterparts, they’re still designed with your comfort and functionality in mind.

If you think standard dentures may be an ideal fit for your budget and lifestyle, please contact us for more details about our financing options or to schedule a free initial consultation!

Standard Dentures

We design and construct different types of dentures that vary in the features based on your needs.

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