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Dentures-Over-Implants in Whitehorse

Yukon Denture Clinic offers dentures-over-implants in Whitehorse. Implant overdentures is an ideal alternative to traditional dentures. Dentures-over-implants assists in producing the bite force needed in effective chewing, speech, function and helps emotional well-being. Contact Yukon Denture Clinic’s experienced denturists headed by Chris Kafka, LD, DD (licenced denturist, denturist diploma) for more information. We’re accepting new patients.

A Proven Success Rate among Clinically Studied Patients

Many of our patients at Yukon Denture Clinic prefer dentures-over-implants, which seem to have a proven success rate among clinically studied patients. Dentures-over-implants allow you to speak, eat and laugh with ease and confidence. Other benefits include increased stability and preservation of bones. Dental implants serve as root replacements. Implants can improve your overall aesthetics while also decreasing gum tissue shrinkage.

Do You Meet the Criteria for Dentures-over-implants?

However, dentures-over-implants aren’t recommended for everyone. We typically recommend this option for patients with good overall oral health, including healthy gums and adequate bone structure to support implants. To see if you meet these criteria and would be a good candidate for dentures-over-implants, please contact our office and schedule a free initial consultation!


Dentures-over-implants are more aesthetic and easier to maintain.

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