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Precision Dentures in Whitehorse

Chris Kafka of the Yukon Denture Clinic offers precision dentures in Whitehorse. Our precision dentures are made with top-grade materials and come in different shapes, sizes and sturdiness. At our clinic, we offer comfortable precision dentures for both existing denture patients and patients who are new to dentures. Contact us to book your free consultation today.

Get More Natural-looking Dentures with Precision Dentures

As a certified BPS® denture clinic, Yukon Denture Clinic is proud to use advanced equipment and techniques to provide you with quality precision dentures. BPS® is short for “Biofunctional Prosthetic System” and makes use of the Ivocap injection process to create more natural-looking dentures.
The many benefits of our BPS® or precision dentures include:

  • Better comfort and fit

  • Increased functionality and durability

  • Fewer adjustments

  • More natural-looking smile

To find out if BPS® or precision dentures are the right options for your budget and lifestyle, please contact our office and schedule a free initial consultation to go over the details!


Precision Dentures

Our precision dentures are designed on a very personalized level.

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